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EJ First Story Time. (And Mommy’s Too)

Today EJ and I went to our first story time at the Library.  Approximately, 15 mom’s with 15 babies all crawling or scooting around in some fashion.  Of course, none of them listened to the books being read.  I think all the moms had more fun with the songs and the little puppets that the “reader” used then the kiddos.  But we each had a good time one way or the other, and that was what mattered.

Right now the only ladies I know that have babies either live a little too far away for me to see frequently or really aren’t that close in other ways other than distance.  And none of them have babies the same age as mine.  So it was a shock to my system to walk into this little room and see so many little cutie pies in the same age range.  There were small ones and chubby ones, crawling everywhere like little ants.  Now I know where the term “ankle biters” came from.  One lady’s baby was the same age as mine but was so big he could be a linebacker for the NFL.  He was HUGE but with the most gentlemanly face and deep thoughtful eyes.  I want him to be my daughter’s boyfriend.  He was the first baby EJ flirted with before she became fickle and moved on.

 Of course, we were a couple minutes late so we didn’t sit in the “inner circle” of ladies and babies. (Story of my life and that’s ok because I usually like the air better at the back of the room) I sat just behind the main group and EJ sat on my lap with death grips on my fingers.  This was a new experience for her too.  I know what she was thinking.  “OH…MY…GOD!!!!  I’m not the only one!!!  BUT MOMMY SAID I WAS THE BESTEST, MOST PERFECT, BABY EVER!!!!!  She LIED!!!!!!”  No not really.  But she was a little shy at first.  Which was a personality that I’ve never seen her use.  I’ve seen “happy baby”.  I’ve seen “mad baby”.  “Sad baby.” “Pissed baby.” “Exasperated baby.”  “Dictator baby.”  Then there’s the look she gives me all the time when she thinks I’m being a dork.  She’s usually the most out going little girl and has no problem cruising around in other rooms at home where she can’t see me at all times.  She’s bravest little person I’ve ever known.   I’m always so proud of her when I go into public and she spends the whole time smiling at EVERYONE.  Very rarely does she just stare at someone with that “stare”.  You know the one I mean.  The one that says “I’m thinking you’re a baby eater”.  

But that’s not how she was when she entered this room. EJ was simply shy.  It took her about 10 minutes to decide that all was well, that there were no “baby eaters” in the room. Then she wanted to go see what was going on in the next lap over which was where the “Linebacker” baby was hanging out.  She went over and said “Hi”. They even patted each other hands.  But then my little girl opened her social butterfly wings and started to flit around the room and left her boyfriend in the dust.  

As with all the other moms, I went crawling after her.  **Warning to all the moms at the next story time** I’m not chasing her around again.  She’s trapped in a room with all the other cuties. There is no reason for me to break knee caps to keep up with her.  If she crawls in your lap, deal with it.  This does not make me a bad mommy, just realistic.  She came over to say hi to you, I didn’t, so be nice and pat my child on her head.  She will get distracted and find someone else to flirt with in a minute and will leave you alone.   Also, if she is eating Cherrios, I will be allowing her pick the ones she drops on the floor up so she can eat them. Don’t take them away from her on fear that she will scream so loud someone will think there is a fire and will hit the fire alarm.  If you just go with my flow we will all be fine. 

I’l admit I had a nice time too.  Chatting with other mom’s who are living my life right now, or various forms of it.  But of course “it” had to happen. Some of you may or may not believe this is possible for a kind loving mother to be so critical, but I was asked blatantly if I was breast feeding by one mom, whom hadn’t even bothered to ask my name first, and who gave me that “look” when I said “nope”.  I mention this thinking about the Momversation that was about breast feeding fanatics.  What’s up with the questions lady?  Does it matter?  Does it tell you something about my character or how much I love my child?  Stay out of my bra!

Anyways, EJ had fun and that was the main goal of this trip today.  The “Linebacker’s” mommy and I had a nice time chatting.  She was new to the room too and didn’t know the songs any better than I did.  But we fudged it just fine.  I do hope I get to see her again.  As for the “are you breast feeding mom” I hope your breast-pads fail next time your in public and you leak all over your favorite dry clean only shirt.   Aside from that, I will be going back frequently since it seemed like a great place to give my daughter a little baby time and it gave me a chance to see that my kid was normal.  However, I must boast that she was still the prettiest baby in the room.  And the smartest.  And the fastest crawler…..

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