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Growing up

Reposted: March 11th, 2010

Tonight I’m thinking about my little girl.  My angel.  My little, teenie, weenie, cutie pie, honey bunch.  She’s growing up too fast.  She started crawling only about a month ago.  Then she pulled herself up to standing not two days after crawling.  We thought it was cute at the time.

EJ 30 minutes young and blowing bubbles.

Since then she hasn’t been pulling up that often. Only about once or twice a day maybe.  I don’t think she was really ready for it.  She would only end up on her two wobbling legs when she was trying to reach something and mostly, accidently ended upright. Kinda like falling up.

EJ 1 week young. Anne Getties eat your heart out.

Now today she’s figured out how to easily pop up at will.  I was sitting in front of her on the floor and she was sitting facing me.  She put her hands on my legs, just a couple inches from the floor, and stood up.  All the way up without using my hands as leverage or balance.  Then she stood there for about 15 seconds, working her little waist, hips, and arms, before she lost her balance. She looked at me with such a look of pride.  She was so happy with herself and my heart exploded with pride too.  Then I realized OMG!!!!  NOOOOO!  TOO FAST!!

EJ 3 weeks young and already flashing her bling.

I’ve just gotten used to her crawling around.  And she’s so cute how she “stomps” her hands when she’s upset that we’ve left the room and she has to follow us by herself. We didn’t take her with us automatically and in her mind that’s abandonment.  I’m not ready for her to stomp her feet.  NOT YET!  Since that moment today she’s been on a mission to pull up on everything she sees that is higher than an inch off the ground.  Then she gets stuck.  She doesn’t know what to do or how to get down from her upright position.  Only a couple times has she landed on her butt.  Then the look she gets is of pure disgust.

EJ 5 weeks young and already giving me her best disgusted look. Who can resist that face?

So instead of taking a chance on bruising her ego, and her tooshie, she will just scream until I rescue her.  She has me trained on so many other things, this one was easy.  Let out a pitiful whine and Mama will come to her and replace her on her butt. Then she stands right up again.  She seems to like the standing up part but not the standing still part.  (That’s ok sweet darling, just keep getting stuck because that means you still need me…for now) She tried to stand up in the bath tub tonight.  Of course I was right there to plop her back down with a splash.  She thought that was kinda funny and tried again but then got mad at me when I told her “no”.  She’s very aware that the sound of the word “no” means that she has to quit doing something she’s not ready to quit doing.  I’m afraid to say it but she’s as head strong as her Mama.

That’s who I put to bed tonight in her little yellow and pink footie pj’s.  My little girl.  8-3/4 months young and growing up way too quickly.  Maybe I can tell her “no” and she’ll listen.  Probably not.

EJ 8-3/4 months young and growing up.

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