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Shoe Milestones

My daughter, fortunately or unfortunately depending on how you look at it, is going to be walking in my footsteps so to speak.   I am a self admitted shoe addict.  So, of course, I have to make sure my “little me” has plenty of cute shoes too.  So I’ve decided to not only record her milestones such as teeth, eating solids, and crawling with her shoe wearing milestones.  My father and my husband will both think I’m nuts but hopefully my mom, sisters and fellow moms will understand my obsession.  It’s very true when you have children you think more about them than you do yourself.  It’s very easy to get lost and forget things like cute shoes.Even for me.  I’m still wearing my old stand bys, the black Converse high tops.  However they are a new pair thanks to my hubby who took pity on me and my feet, and probably his nose, and finally bought me a new pair.  The last pair were getting a little too funky for words although I did manage to write a few for this blog.  


Today I’m going to do a little catch up for the two other pair of shoes she’s had so far in her short 8 month life and then I’ll show off her newest treads.  I’m proud to boast that they are not new but new to us.  I’m all about the resale shopping and thanks to the CPSC for pulling their heads out of their butts I can still fulfill my need to shop and splurge without breaking the bank. 

So without further ado may I present EJ’s first pair of shoes. You may recognize them from one of my previous posts about the Green Monster in My Shoes but for the sake of keeping the time line flowing in this post I’ll show them to you again. Notice the wonderful green that doesn’t match anything she had in her closet.  But how was I supposed to pass those up???  Of course I couldn’t put MY little girl in cute little pink shoes or something more girly for her first pair.  She’ll thank me one day.


The next pair I really only got her because I felt she needed to start getting used to the idea of having her toes constricted.  No, not really!!  Duh!  They were cute and when I was browsing around the resale shop she grabbed them off the “maybe pile” and started chewing on them and drooling buckets into them before I realized it.  I would have been too embarrassed to put them back like that so I had to get them.  Turned out to be a good thing since they were a great thing to keep near the changing table for when she’s complaining about my diaper changing techniques.  She still loves to chew on them.


These are her newest kicks!  Check out the cuteness!!!!  I had to get both pairs since I couldn’t decide.  The pink and white ones light up so of course I had to get them for her.  But to tone down the “pink factor” I also had to get the plain white ones for her less pink days.  Yes, she has less pink days.  We all do, don’t deny it!


So that’s the start of my milestone recording.  Oh and she’s crawling now and getting a couple more teeth. Better add that so the grandparents don’t have an old fashioned conniption fit!


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