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Today’s Plinky: In defense of my vice: tennis

I’ve found this new site to play on called  It’s a great place for bloggers and anyone who likes to just shove their thoughts into other peoples eye sockets.  How it works is it produces a daily prompt on subjects that can be discussed or written about.  Check it out!  It’s kinda fun!  This is a great thing in the world of blogging when your brain is fried from daily life and your trying to find something to write about. So on occasion you might see a post from me like below.  Enjoy!


30 Love (explored) by Evil Erin

In defense of my vice: tennis

Tennis is my vice. It’s the only reason I enjoy getting out of bed in the morning. Even when I should be doing other things I can usually find someone who is just as addicted as I am to go play. I use the excuse that its good exercise to get out of housework. Unfortunately, my daughter is going to get smart to this one day and will realize that she can black mail mommy into paying her to be her ball girl.

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