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This week on Momversation: Breast Feeding Fanatics!

This one hits close to home with me since I had to make the tough choice to start feeding my child the “F” word (formula) in the hospital due to severe jaundice.  After that I was able to go back to breast feeding for a month until my body totally rebelled and made it impossible for me to breast feed without supplementing.  After that choice was forced on me my husband and I decided to switch solely over to the “F” word.  Since then I’ve had so many dirty looks given in public when I bust out the powder and start mixing a bottle.  I probably would have had more approving looks if I would have just let her scream in hunger versus just feeding her a nutritionally balanced bottle.  I could just go on and on about how judgmental other people are about my personal choices but I’ll save that for another day when I’m venting.  For now…

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This weeks panelists: Dana Loesch from Mamalogues; Maggie Mason from Mighty Girl; and  Rebecca Woolf from Girl’s Gone Child

I have a thought to ponder for everyone.  When you’re in the hospital, after giving birth, you have the lactation consultants breathing down your door, when you’re supposed to be resting, drilling home the benefits of breast feeding. But when you’re sent home you are given a cute little diaper bag filled with samples of Similac formula.  Talk about your mixed messages!!!  What are your thoughts?

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