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Ranting, Whining, and Rewards

I just went back and reread my last post and I realized that yikes, I sure can rant!  Or more like whine.  But isn’t it true that everyone needs to rant and whine every once and awhile?  To say that you never do this would be hypocritical if you’ve ever sat down and said to someone, “Man, today sucked!”  But the beauty of a good rant and whine session is that after it’s done, low and behold!!! You feel better!!!  And if you don’t, then you realize that you might just need to chance something in your life.  In my case, I simply felt better and I want to say thank you for listening.

I’m always hearing it from my tennis friends and teammates.  “Why do you do this?”  Sometimes I think I enjoy the punishment.  I’m a little sadistic like that.  Not so far as whips and black leather but more, just a little hardship to make life more interesting.  But, mixed into that is a little bit of the theory that “hard work reaps the largest rewards”.  In the case of the tennis team captaining, after all the hard work is done, I get to go out and have fun with a wonderful group of ladies.  I get to feel proud if the ladies I team up to play with each other win!  And when we have an overall team win, that’s the best part!  Once the hard work is done at the beginning of a season then I get to just settle in and play and enjoy.  So why do I do it?  Because I like it.  It’s that simple.  Why do I complain sometimes?  Because I’m human.  So there!

As for me complaining about my house being for sale and the hoops I continue to jump through each and every week that it sits on the market… that’s just going to have to continue, and I beg all my readers to allow me to do this.  That is, until I find a good way to reap a reward from it.  I have to remember to keep dreaming about what our new house will look like and where will EJ will grow up?  Will it have carpet in the living areas for her to learn to walk on?  Will it have a nice yard for her to play in?  Will it be in a safe enough area that she can ride her bike? How many memories will our family create? Now those are some rewards to look forward to!! 

——–side thought———

As I watch the Super Bowl I can’t help but think that there is just something so compelling about big men crying!

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