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So the last few days I’ve felt just absolutly overwhelmed.  And I haven’t really even left my couch.  How is it possible you ask?  Try having a teething 8 month old who is crawling EVERYWHERE and trying to experiment with running marathons.  While she still sleeps like Sleeping Beauty at night her day times seemed to be filled with discontent.  She’s not happy with her toys.  She’s not happy with her food.  She’s not happy with all the stupid things I do to make her happy.  Or at least it seems like she’s not.  I see her smiling enough.  And laughing at the dogs.  But why doesn’t this make me feel better?  Like the world is right?  I wish I could blame my feelings on PMS but I can’t. I keep wondering I think I’m just letting her moodyness get to me.  Which makes me moody, which makes her moody.  WoW!  An evil circle if I’ve ever heard of one.  Crabby mommy makes baby crabby or crabby baby makes mommy crabby?  Chicken before the egg?  

Poor hubby is stuck in the middle.  He just doesn’t understand.  He thinks I just need to move to another room so EJ isn’t so bored.  What about her mother?  Moving to another room isn’t going to solve my moodyness.  I think I need the sun.

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