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Allergies have taken over my world.  I can’t breath. I can sleep.  I cough. I sneeze. I wheeze. I can’t bend over for fear of dripping.  I ran out of kleenex last night and had to resort to toilet paper.  Went through the whole roll in one night.  One good thing happened with that.   I found out the my toilet paper was softer than my kleenex.  Time to investigate a new brand.  

Every once in a while I get an allergy attack that is so bad that it would almost be better if I were actually sick with a bug.  That way I would know that there was an end to it.  Instead, I sit inside looking at the trees blowing in the pollen infested wind, and I know that if I step out there I’m going to turn into a solid mass of snot.  So I sit inside with my dogs and cat hoping they don’t shed.  My cat, who has the lucky life of an indoor/outdoor cat came inside yesterday covered in yellow dust.  She’s a black cat so it was easy to see.  Right now if you go out and look at my black car you will see a layer of yellow pollen on it.  This is the poison that is making my nose look like Rudolph.  And here is my cat strolling through my house with this yuck on her.  I CANT EXCAPE IT!   The only room that would seem safe is the bedroom because we have and industrial sized air filter in there that can take the stink out of a sweat sock.  But then we also have carpet that seems to amplify the poison pollen.  Can’t vacuum right now without a gas mask but unfortunately I forgot to pick one of those up on my last trip to the grocery store.  

Even my poor EJ is sneezing her little head off.  I’m sorry, but the doctors are nuts if they think kids don’t have allergies before they are a year old.  Any time there has been high allergens in the air she’s sneezing along with the rest of us.  Not as bad, thank goodness!  But sneezing and snotty just the same.  

This is where I put a thought to ponder in my readers heads.  While I refuse to go down the “is there or is there not a God” path I can’t help wondering, if there is a loving and wonderful God why did he/she give us beautiful flowers, trees, and nature if it only turns us into sneezing, wheezing balls of snot?  If there is a God he/she must have a wicked sense of humor!

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