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Breathing Again

It’s amazing how much a little mommy and baby time can do for a mother’s mental health.  Sometimes being alone with EJ can be stressful depending on her mood.  But last night she was in a good mood.  And mommy was in a good mood, and daddy was off playing tennis.  So it was me, EJ and all the weirdos on American Idol.  EJ spent some time slowing creep crawling after the cat who found it interesting to walk slowing foot by foot away from her.  Cat’s are the strangest creatures.  EJ can grab onto her tail with her super baby grip and the cat will just yowl and give her an evil look but if I did that I’d end up in the hospital needing stitches.  However, EJ can get away with it.  I would think if I was a cat I would want to stay as far away from this creeping, pinching, roughing of fur baby.  But no, the cat finds it more interesting to inch away as she inches closer.  Cat and mouse game with a baby.  But its fun to watch EJ learn to crawl this way.  

As my nice night progressed, after the cat tired of EJ and found her safe hiding spot (tucked into the corner of the couch where “no one can see me now” ) we sat on the floor and played as she smacked me in the arms with her plastic “hand clapper thingy” that you get at sporting events.  I hope you know what I’m talking about.  It’s plastic hand shaped thing that you  flap back and forth and it makes clapping sounds.  She loves it!  She will shove it at anyone close to her so they can make it make sounds for her.  Oh, and it’s mighty tasty to chew on too.  That occupied about another thirty minutes of our evening and by then it was time to settle down and start our beddie bye routine.  Bottle, baby crack, and bed with some singing and LOTS of snuggling. She’s not much of a rocker to sleep type of kid.  She prefers to sit and snuggle and just drift of to la la land.  We let her do this since she usually falls asleep around the same time every night and yes, she then sleeps alllllll the wayyyy through the night.  We are talking 10 hours here people.  Other moms out there, please don’t hit me.  I know how lucky we are and we are well aware that the next child we have will probably be a tyrant that never sleeps, never eats, and poops all day long.  

So there we sat watching our baby crack and mommy crack (American Idol, I admit I like the first few episodes each season where people make asses of themselves) and EJ just kept looking up at me with that I love you baby look that I can’t describe and you just have to be a mommy to understand.  She refilled my tanks last night.  I’ve been overloaded with family, holiday, organizing my tennis teams and, just in general, life is too busy.  You would think what I needed was a little quiet time alone to regroup.  Even I would have said that this is what I needed.  Until she gave me that look that spoke volumes and made it all better.

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