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The REAL Mommy’s Club

Now that all the political fire has fizzled I can move on to lighter hearted subjects.  Like poop.  Baby poop to be precise.  I won’t go into too many details as most of my readers are parents who will understand when I say I have now seen it all.  Or at least for this week. And I have now literally been up to my elbows in baby poop.  As a non-parent I always thought the idea sounded preposterous.  How in the world could it ever be possible that little human bodies can produce enough waste to create elbow deep poop issues? Boy, I sure was living in a bubble of safe, potty trained adults.  I now know that it is possible to be elbow deep in poop and it is possible for a baby to poop their own body weight.  

Today my dear, sweet, precious, delicate daughter gave a small cute little giggle before turning beet red and giving me the memory and load of a lifetime.  We’re talking a 15 wet wipe poop here!  (Yes, I’m nuts, I counted. 3 is normal.)  Fortunately, we were anticipating a minor war zone since her little tummy still hasn’t completely come back to normal since she decided to catch and spread her vile pestilence.  We’ve been putting plastic pants, normally used with cloth diapers, over her regular diaper to contain some of the left over dredges.  But that had finally slowed down.  Then it came to a full on stop…for almost two days.  We knew we were in for trouble.  BUT THIS!!! This I should have video taped so one day I could pull it out when she brings home the man she wants to marry.  

I guess I’ll end the details there.  I don’t really need to go further into this for everyone, even the non-parents understand where I’m going and all the parental units are rolling their eyes saying “been there done that a few times”.  I just wanted you all to know that I’ve now joined the REAL mommy’s club.

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