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CPSC “Clarification” Or Backpedaling? You Decide. Either way, I’ll Take It!

Three cheers for those of you who chose to voice your opinions about what is happing at the CPSC.  All the hoopla got their attention so they had to produce a press release with a “clarification” of the new law.  It looks like they are going to be leaving the resale shops alone and are going to make it a “good faith” judgment call on the part of the shop owners to make sure they don’t sell anything that could be outside their guidelines for lead and chemical content.  While this seems to contradict some of the bazillion pages of law I was reading through today, I’m glad to hear this.  I guess we will never know if it was the original intention of the CPSC to go this route with this law or our voices all across the country screaming at them.  But either way, I still get to find those cute Baby Gap tops for my daughter for 4 bucks each and Little Johnny won’t be going to school naked this week.  Ok, he might still, but that’s better left for bar room jokes.   

There is still one part of the law that they didn’t touch on in their “clarification”.  They are still going to go after the small business hand crafters that make toys.  They are still going to have to pay to have their toys tested to be able to sell them.  One thing that really upset me in all the legal jargon I was reading was a letter written by the CPSC responding to someone’s question about their business and what this will mean for them.  The CPSC stated very clearly that, in laymen’s words, they are aware that this law is going to have a drastic impact on small business but that just a chance they are willing to take.  I.E. they don’t care.  It doesn’t impact them.  What’s really sad is that these small toy makers, in some cases, have long family traditions and have poured their hearts and lively hoods into these businesses and they are just going to be swept up in the “chance we will have to take”.  

Sad, sad, sad.

So YEAH for the resale shops!  Like I said, I’m not certain CPSC didn’t just do a giant back peddle but at least the end result this time is a good one.  But now we still have work to do for the rest of the little people.  While your ire is still up out there, stay outraged, and speak up for the hand crafters.  They need your voices too.

Link to “clarification”

Another link to be able to find your state’s lawmakers just because everyone should have an easy way to voice their opinions to the powers that be. They work for us remember!

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