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The World Has Gone Absolutely, Completely, Stupidly, Outrageously, Appallingly, Nauseatingly Insane!!!!!!

Have you heard the latest from our oh so wise national law makers?  There’s a new little law that will be coming to towns all over the USA that is going to outlaw the reselling of used children’s clothes and toys until they’ve been tested for lead and something else I’m not even sure what the name of it is.  This one leaves me speechless which as those around me may know is the hardest thing to do.  Below are links for you to check out.   I’m sure the news of this is spreading like wildfire right now all over the country.  I’m also sure that many of my fellow mommy bloggers out there are madly typing away at their keyboards in pure anger over this one too.  

I’m all for making things safe for my kid but since when does a cotton tee-shirt pose a threat?  The resale shops that many families depend on are now going to have to send out their clothes and toys to some lab to be tested before they can sell them.  So ya, you know their going out of business.  And don’t think that since they are going to have to close their doors that the poor, hurting, already beaten down by the government and the economy, people of America will now be able to just do more trading and garage selling.  NOPE! Forget it!  This act also covers Craig’s List, Ebay and personal garage sales.  YEP!  If you want to trade kids clothes on Craig’s list you will now have to send them to be tested first too or face fines.  

OH!  And lets not forget about all the small business toy makers and the crafters of hand made toys like the kind you find on Etsy.  Their going to have to test their products too.  Yep!  I’ve been hearing about the act effecting theses small business for awhile and it seemed like all the hype was surrounded around that tragedy.  I’m going to go all conspiracy theorist right now and say I think the CPSC slipped the resale clothing and toys part of the act in there and used the small toy makers as cover for this even bigger tragedy.  I hate to say it but it makes me wonder how many of the big business out there like Target, Wal-mart, Babies/Toys-r-us paid money into this pot for this bill?  I also wonder if after this bill goes into effect the “sale” racks at these stores are going to suddenly take a dramatic weight loss as items are left on the non-sale racks longer since the competition of the resale shops won’t be there.  

I’m so angry right now I’m vibrating!!!!!!!!!

***counting to 50*** 

Ok, I’m too worked up to continue right now since most of what my daughter plays with and wears comes from these resale shops.  I’m just hoping the American government is ready for a whole bunch of naked kids in school.  Oh, wait that won’t work.  The desks they sit on may not have been tested for cooties. 

Please read this link to the article I found.  You can check out the actual proposed law at this link at the US Consumer Protection Safety Commission.  They are the boogers behind all this.  Also please write your local lawmakers!  Here’s a link to help you do that.  Also, please either pass this article on to everyone you know (at the bottom of  this there is a option called “tell a friend” I’ve put there that can make it easy to e-mail this into to people) or at least PLEASE PASS THIS NEWS ON TO EVERYONE SOMEHOW!!!  This is an outrage that has to be stopped.  When is it going to end?  When they start telling us we can’t leave our houses without being scanned for the cold virus?  Why don’t they just implant their little tracking devices, that you know their working on, and turn us all into robots and get it over with?

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