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New Years Pestilence and Pleasure

Again, sorry to all my readers who have had to live their daily lives with out the food for thought that I like to feed you.  It’s been a little traumatic around the home front for the last few days or since the clock struck 2009.  First off I’d like to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  I hope the first days of 2009 have been better for you than for all of us.  Just when I thought all was going smoothly something had to give.  As told in the tale in my previous post, my family for the first time is getting along wonderfully.  My sister who lives a few hours away was able to go back home with smiles on her face instead of red cheeked and so PO’d that she couldn’t even speak.   We all had a nice time visiting and picking on each other.  We shared meals, wine, and lots of junk food.  Unfortunately, we also somehow along the way shared a little tiny thing called a stomach virus.  Yeah!  What a fun way to ring in the new year.  

New years eve went off with out a hitch.  Had a few friends over, played some poker and had a nice time.  Drank just enough to make it fun with out feeling like poo the next day.  But that’s also the day IT started.  That’s when the silent, creeping, seemingly harmless little contagion ambushed my family. That’s the day my little cutie pie, our sweet beautiful angel had a few little unpleasant diapers.  Never any more than that.  Nothing to even worry us into a Pedialyte frenzy.  She didn’t seem like she wanted to eat much that day but she seemed happy enough and not like the virally infected Typhoid Mary that she was to become.  The next day passed with no concerns until that night.  That’s when the bomb hit our house. What was a few simple little dirty diapers for EJ turned into a battle between dear Hubby and I as to who could get to the bathroom first.  As it turned out this was not a simple little sneezy bug, it was pure evil.  The 24 hour kind that rips your entire body inside and then laughs at you just when you think it’s over.  The next day we were both so sick we had to call in reinforcements to help take care of EJ.  My other sister who lives in the same town came over early that morning.  

—– current event! —–

OMG!  I just watched EJ crawl, or kinda wiggle, over to her daddy on the couch for the first time!!  She went about 5 feet.  She set her mind to it and just went!!!  WOW!!!  OMG!  She’s growing up too fast!!!

ok, ok, breath


UM, ok where was I ??? Oh, yeah…  I texted messaged my sister around 6:00AM with the pathetic message.  “Hubby and I too sick to breath.  Need help with baby!”  She, like super woman, bravely put herself into the virus fire to help us.  I know there are many moms out there saying, “must be nice to have someone to help out” but in this case it was truly an emergency.  We were really THAT SICK.  I was drinking my daughters Pedialyte. When my sister came over and saw how bad we were she just took over baby and didn’t expect a thing from us.  We were able to be miserable with out having to worry about EJ.  Also, sister was able to keep her away from us just in case she wasn’t the pestilence spreader that got us sick.  But I’m figuring that since she was already in contact with us when we were both catchy, and since she’s the only one that hubby and I were around at the same time,  that it had to be her that gave us this gift.  

As a consequence of her wonderful, while very tiny, human ability to carry viruses now both of my sisters are recovering from their own 24 hours of hell.  Bless you sister who willingly put yourself in danger to care for your niece and I AM SO SORRY to both sisters who got nailed.   

So that’s how our new year started out.  I’m hoping this isn’t a sign as to how this year will go.  

One GREAT thing that happened that might be the Yang to that evil Yin is my best friend from early in life contacted me.  We haven’t seen each other in 13 years!  When I was entering high school she moved to Washington and I didn’t see her till several years and one baby later.  Then we lost track of each other again.  I’ve always thought about her and wondered how she was.  Where she was.  Who she was now.  As fate usually takes strange twists, she was living in our home town not much more than a 45 minute drive from my house.  Her significant other works in the same town I live in so she gets up here a couple times a week.  WHAT!  She’s been here for close to a year and we never knew it.  

We were inseparable as kids.  The kind of friendship where you share everything, even your parents.  My dad had a habit of nicknaming all of us daughters, our husbands, and only a few other close friends who became family. My friend has always been known as Flipper.  We can’t remember why she was named that but she was only graced with it because she was like another daughter to my parents.  She went on family trips with us and there wasn’t a weekend that went by that we didn’t spend the night at each others houses.  Then one day, poof!  Just like that, she was torn out of my life and dropped into a different state too far away for me to make a weekend trip to see her.  Even a summer trip was impossible.  She’s always carried a piece of my life with her and here she is again.  As soon as she found me, thank you Facebook!, she made the haul up here with her newest little one a beautiful 3 month old little girl whom I will forever refer to as M&M (a name given to her by her parents but now adopted by me since, after all, she is now part of my family as well) and her older son whom I inevitably will find a nickname for.  He’s old enough to earn his.  So here we are now, getting to spend time together again.  Catching up for 13 plus years of no speaky.  And we now get to watch our daughters grow up together.  

You know what… now that I think about it, even with this billy bad a** virus taking us all down, maybe it will be a great new year after all.

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