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Warning, sleep deprived ravings!

I feel like a mother bear tonight.  It’s 3:40 in the morning and I’m awake checking on my daughter over and over.  Fortunately I don’t have to walk into the “room” where she is sleep to do this.  Dear geek husband has a web cam set up on her crib so I only have to log in to view her breath and wiggle.  She’s sleeping like a lump, a log, a dream.  No, she’s not sick.  I think I am however.  Not in the snotty, post-nasal drip, hacking up crap sort of way but in the I can’t believe it’s 3:40 in the morning and I’m pacing around the house like an idiot sort of way.  Let me explain.

My parents are coming in from out of town this next day to spend the holidays with us.  And so…, why would that keep me up?  It’s not because of excitement or nerves.  It’s simply and stupidly because of the temperature in the house.  I have a baby monitor that tells me the temperature in EJ “room”.  I keep saying EJ’s “room” because we have her moved into dear hubby’s office for the duration of my parents stay.  EJ’s nursery also doubles as the spare room with the fold out bed in it.  So when company comes to call, the poor little thing gets evicted.  This is only a temporary problem.  We are currently trying to sell our house to expand our american dream along with our family.  Welcome into my life and the current economic status and you can see where we stand right now as a force in this world.  But that’s for another time and another middle of the night bitch session.  Usually, we would just put EJ in her pack n play for the night but since this visit is longer we moved her entire crib into the office.  She’s been a great sleeper in there which has surprised me and blessed me. I was expecting some nights of terror as she woke up and saw that her comfortable, safe, little dream world was lit up in different places with the closet light being in a different place and the non-stop humming and blinking of all of geek husbands geek equipment. Kind of like waking up in a hotel room where you walk into walls trying to get to the bath room.  Completely discombobulating.  

I know, your still wondering why I’m awake and hovering like a bad smell.  Well, because of all of geek husbands geek equipment he had a second air vent installed in the tiny room to keep the heat regulated.  So it’s either colder than a witches titty or hotter than Hades in there.  That’s why I feel so compelled to keep a close eye on the temperature.  We moved EJ in a few days before the arrival of the parents to make sure she was going to do ok in there.  The last few nights it’s been in the 60’s.  Tonight it’s dropped into the 30’s.  Makes a HUGE difference in the little room.  But instead of getting colder, which is what we expected and why we dressed her for arctic sleep, it got hotter in there.  So essentially we are cooking our baby right now. Medium low heat.  The other factor I’ve decided to concern myself with since I can’t sleep is her actual nursery/guest room.  We have another thermometer in there and it’s showing that it might start snowing.  My parents are of the older generation, since they read this I’ll be kind… love you!, that get cold really easily and once they do it’s hard for them to warm up.  EJ loves to sleep in the colder room we’ve noticed.  She usually will start whining when it gets too hot.  Except for tonight, which is, again, the main  reason why I keep hovering.  Why isn’t she complaining about it being too hot?  So of course I have to check to make sure she’s still breathing that hot air every 5 minutes.  

Now I’m wondering how I’m going to keep it warm in one room and the room right next to cool?  Am I just nuts? Am I just pondering to the abyss while I really should be asleep and not up tapping away like a mad woman?  Can you see my next dilemma coming on?   Should I just get up and go make coffee and watch some dorky lifetime ho, ho, ho movie and shut up?  No, that would just make me tired and irritable tomorrow.  Not a good way to start out a visit with my mother.  Nope, I’m going to continue to lie here staring back and forth at the computer image of my little girl watching her breath and watching the temperature in her room bake her slowly till she’s medium to well done.

Wish me luck ya’ll!

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