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Tonight I just read one of my favorite daddy blogs Dad Gone Mad.  Danny Evens is a  person whom I would love to meet someday only to shake my head at him and say “Dude, you’ve got balls man!”  His writing is great insight into what its like to be a dad on the edge.   

He’s started a new campaign and I’m jumping on the band wagon like the starving (comment deprived) woman I am.  He pointed out that, in the blogging world, the amount of comments you receive from readers are the currency that either makes you or breaks your back. ( Ok, so the blog can go on without comments but where’s the fun in that?) The number of comments can either boost your readership up to the point that it makes it all worth while or it can keep you wondering why you do this everyday.  I know the reason I spend my very small amount of spare time, usually in the middle of the night when I should be contemplating sleeping instead of writing so my readers can get a giggle in the morning, is so I can get what’s in my head out before it eats me.  That’s my first goal for this blog. It’s either that or I’m going to start talking to trees people!  But this won’t mean much if I don’t know that you are reading it.  I’m a comment starved woman here!  At this point, before I jump in front of a bus, I’m going to refer you over to Dad Gone Mad’s post regarding this form of “Currency”  He’s calling it: Operation: Comment Your Balls/Boobs Off! (Depending on your gender.)  Please check out what he has to say, and while your there check out some of his other stuff too.  He’s a riot! Danny, if you read this, I’m sooo buying your book man!  When your done reading his musings send him a nice comment.  And after that come back to my site and send me a nice comment too.  I’m sorely hurting in that department.

 If comments were a garden I smell like dirt.

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