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Silent Night

It’s quiet right now.  Something I rarely get to encounter.  Dear Hubby is upstairs talking on the phone to someone but I can’t hear him.  EJ is tucked in her crib all peaceful, beautiful and silent. The TV is off.  Dogs are sleeping soundly on the couch and the cat is still residing on the blanket, where she’s been all night, that I put on the floor for EJ to practice crawling on.  Silence!   It’s a stranger in my life. 

 Hubby usually has a TV, radio or something electronically noisy on.  Sometimes he will have the radio AND the TV on at the same time!  It’s like a symphony of chaos. He’s one of those types that has to have noise around him at all time.  Even when we are going to sleep he wants the TV on.  I’ve teased him about it a lot over the years.  He knows he does it but doesn’t apologize for it.  And I don’t expect him to.  It’s just his way of doing things.  What he does instead to accommodate me is, when the constant noise starts bugging me and I feel like my brain is about to melt and seep out my ear, I’ll tell him I want the TV off to go to sleep he will comply and not complain.  It’s not like he can’t fall asleep with it off, he just doesn’t want to.   And it’s not like the noise gets to me all the time.  I know the compromise is primarily on my part but as long as he doesn’t protest when I do want the noise maker off I’m happy.  Besides, there’s something wild and crazy about falling asleep to the History Channel.  Whoo, hoo.  I’m keepin’ my youth alive baby!   I will however draw the line at military/war shows to fall asleep to.  Listening to artillery explosions and machine guns firing just isn’t good for dream patterns.    

As if my personal space wasn’t already assaulted with multiple sound waves hitting me, now with EJ there is more.  I find myself sometimes, when Hubby’s not in the house, turning off the TV and/or radio hoping to find the silence I used to find before she came along.   Ha, ha!  That’s funny!  What’s even funnier is she will be sitting playing with her toys, all happy as she can be, and I will try to shush her sometimes because she’s making too many loud HAPPY sounds.   Ya right!  Ever try to ask a 6 month old to be quiet?   It’s like telling a volcano not to erupt.   And you would think I would be complaining about when she’s screaming her head off pissed because I took her toy guitar away from her, not when she’s content and happy.  (Stupid plastic guitar that WE gave her out of cereal box.  You would think it was constructed from the same corn syrup and sugar that the cereal was made out of it.  Can’t pry the damn thing out of her mouth sometimes. UGG!) Right now she’s particularly loud.  She’s “finding her voice” and loves to squeal as loud as she can.   Let me tell you, I’ve had lots of other mom’s comment on how high pitched she squeals and how loud she can get.  They can’t believe she can get that much sound of her little body.  Of course their children all were silent screamers.  They would just whimper Mozart when they were hungry or needed a clean butt.  Bath time is a favorite of EJ’s because she can squeal really loud and it echos in the tub.  She finds it funny.  I, however, am not as amused while I’m covering my ears hoping they don’t start bleeding.

So I’m sitting here in silence enjoying the candle I have lit on the coffee table, looking at the lights and smelling our big fat tree and loving the silence.   Forgive me if I cut this short.  The tapping on my keyboard is getting a bit too loud.

“Silent night……Holy Night…..All is calm……..”

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