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Christmas Card Crisis

Tonight we had a cold front blow through.  As I sat with my daughter this evening listening to the wind and rain hitting the windows I was staring at our big fat Christmas tree.  I finally finished decorating it today.  Yippy!  I think it turned out beautiful.  It took me days to decorate it since EJ’s just not quite into the Christmas spirit yet.  Unless you call trying to eat all the plastic ornaments I put on the bottom of the tree.  It was a little bit of a battle at times but it’s done.  Now my thoughts run to my endless Christmas card list that I just printed out. I won’t brag about how many people I send cards to each year but it’s a pretty stupid amount.  I’ll admit it. Why I do it I’ll never know.  I’ve never understood why I feel the compulsive need to send them out to everyone I’ve ever shared space with, but I do.  Every year.  Year after year.  And I will continue. Year after year.  Till I die…  Yes, I’m being dramatic again.

 I also can’t seem to allow myself to print out address labels to make my life easier.  I feel that if I did that I would be cheating on the whole purpose of sending a personal Christmas card to someone.  If the insurance companies and the banks want to send out pre-printed cards then more power to them.  But I’m not an insurance company and I’m damn sure not a bank, so I have to write them out and address them all by hand.  I will, however, admit to cheating on one level.  Our return address labels are printed. But in my defense, that’s because the insurance company that sends me a nice pre-printed card each year also sends me address labels for each season.  And since they’re a gift I have to use them right?  I’ve never understood this practice of sending us the labels but I’ll take them.  I pay a fortune for coverage each year, I might as well get some free return address labels out of it.  

This year Dear Hubby and I, in honor of our sweet new baby and her first Christmas, have joined the pod people in the world who send out picture cards to everyone they know.  It’s not like all my friends and family don’t already see the loads of pictures I spam their e-mail with every week.  Now they are going to get it in their Christmas cards too.  I’ve always hated these picture cards personally.  Not because it’s not pleasant to see my friends smiling faces and cute kids but because I never know what to do with them later. I have an ever growing stack of these cards that live in the attic in one of the boxes we pack our Christmas decorations in.  I don’t have the heart to throw away pictures of my friends and their families after Christmas is over like I do with the other more traditional cards.  Yep, toss them out.  Otherwise I would drown in the paper. Besides, by putting them in the recycle box I’m saving a tree.  That’s how I justify enjoying what otherwise would seem a heartless act of chunking the stack in the bin each year with a satisfying “thunk” sound.  I do have an exception to the rule.  I keep the funniest cards.  I don’t know why or what I’ll do with them but they live with the all the picture cards of Christmases past.   I can probably document many of my friends growing families and graying/balding heads with these cards.  One day I might just be able to return them to their senders as a collage of their own cards.  That could be cool. Hmm, have to think on that one.   

So here I sit with my stack of cards preparing to address them and send them on the way.  The stack isn’t going to get any smaller with me just complaining about it.  I’ll apologize to my family now that their gifts will be so tiny.  I had to put the extra money I would normally spend on your gifts towards postage for all these cards.

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