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Introducing Food For Thought

I’m sitting here with my fist under my chin trying to think about something to write and I’m at a loss.  All I can think of are onions.  Why onions you ask?  Because my hand smells like onions of course.   It’s that yummy smell that reminds you of something wonderful you just cooked.  Its like pot roast in my hand.  Um, ya, I know that’s a little extreme but I wouldn’t be myself if I wasn’t a little “off” in the “normal” department of life. Anyhoo, I’ve always been proud of the fact that I could cook a good meal.  Thanks mom for teaching me!  Tonight I whipped up a beef roast to feed my Dear Hubby before I disappeared to my knitting group.  Ok, ok, I know I’m starting to sound like Suzy Homemaker but let me clarify that this knitting group is a bunch of my tennis ladies who have created another excuse to get together to eat and drink.  None of us are great knitters, but we are learning.  Its like a book club without the stress of trying to read a book in between changing diapers.   But I digress… I made a roast for Hubby so he wouldn’t mind being stuck with a mad teething infant all night.  I think it worked.  When I got home he was still talking to me.  

The reason I’m going on about food is, first off I have nothing else interesting to tell you tonight and two, I’ve been debating starting a recipe page.   I want to share all that yummy goodness thats out there in the world. So without further hesitation and more boring words slapped on my keyboard to make myself feel better, (and to make myself feel like I had something important to share with you tonight), I’ll start out with the beef roast I made Dear Hubby so he’d be willing to watch EJ alone again some other night. 

Click HERE to go to my new Recipe page.

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