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Every year Dear Hubby and I go to the same place to get our Christmas tree.  It’s a family owned operation that sets up multiple tree tents around our city and surrounding areas.  It’s nice to return to the same place every year and keep this little tradition alive.  Around mid November we always get a newsletter in the mail from them telling us what’s been going on in their family and other things they think up.  This year there was a lot written about how real Christmas trees are better for the environment because of the amounts of oil it takes to produce plastic fake trees.  Makes sense to me.  I’ll admit that the only reason I’ve gotten a real tree each year is because they smell good.  Plastic just doesn’t have that oh so wonderful fresh pine smell.  I know I could always decorate a fake tree in pine tree shaped air fresheners and hope for the same results but call me crazy, I just don’t think it be the same.  Anyways, I’m drifting tonight.  This year in the newsletter there was a small blurb where they wrote something that has stuck in my head and I wanted to share it with everyone.  I can’t quote who came up with it but I’ll be honest and say it wasn’t me.  

Read it and sleep on it.  You might wake up a better person.

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