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Christmas Miricles

This evening we took EJ to the mall to see Santa for the first time.  We started planning this last week when Dear Hubby and I decided to go up there one evening to take a walk.  It might not get arctic cold here but when it gets into the 50’s that’s too much for our thin skins.  So we mall walk.  During this walk we noticed that there wasn’t a long line for Santa on weekday evenings.  We started plotting.  We needed to get her the “traditional” velvet infant dress, white tights with the ruffled butt, and black patton shoes.  Check.  We needed to find a weekday when she’s had a really long afternoon nap.  Check.  Then we needed to feed her and get her there, driving in the dark, which she HATES!!!  Praying the whole way that she doesn’t start FREAKING out because she can’t see her feet in the car.  Which would result in her face being all red and splotchy with twin streams of snot running out of her nose.  Check!  We did it.  We made it to the mall with no tantrums, no snot, and even no spit up!!  Christmas miracle number one.  

Our next step was to get her on Santa’s lap without her tripping out over the big, furry, fat man in more crushed velvet.  As we took her up to Santa he instructed me not to turn her towards him and just place her in his lap with out her getting a good look at him.  It worked!  She snuggled up in his big arm like she belonged there. She even looked up at him a couple times and graced him with a smile.  Christmas miracle number two.  

After we took the pictures he told me why he instructed me put her in his lap backwards and it was so smart.  This is my first experience with the mall Santa thing so I was pretty amazed at this one.  I think I was expecting to have Santa be like some of the characters you see in the movies where the Santa is some creepy drunk guy secretly “coveting” the elves during his breaks.  This Santa was so nice and friendly he had me posing the thought as I looked at him “WOW, if Santa was real this is him”  Maybe this is  like the movies where the mall Santa, that everyone takes for granted, is really the true, flying through the air in a gold rocket led by magical flying reindeer going ho ho ho all the way real SANTA!  His beard was real people!!  And he had the kindest eyes and the nicest voice.  Gave me a good dose of Christmas spirit which I needed this year.  Christmas miracle number three.  

Dear Hubby and I decided before we got there that we wanted pose in the pictures with Santa and EJ.  Hubby kinda stood/squatted next to him on the side that EJ was on and I sat on Santa’s other knee.  Since I didn’t want to squish him, not realizing that he really was big enough to fill out that Santa suit and that I wasn’t going to mush him at all, I kinda sat leaning over towards EJ in some weird hunch.  While I’m very proud of myself and I feel like I’m winning the war against the baby weight I gained, tonight however, the weight won the battle.  As I hunched over all the “extra” hunched over too creating this odd spare tire look that didn’t agree with my shirt.  I did the sit and pose test when I got dressed to make sure all my clothing worked with my body for the picture.  I did all I could but I didn’t assess my outfit for hunching.  When I stand I don’t have this problem, and when I sit normally I don’t either.  All you moms out there know what I’m talking about.  It may look great standing still but the minute you move you break the seal and it all comes loose.  Anyways, after looking at the pictures we took with Santa and EJ I mentioned to Hubby that I looked horrible in the pictures.  He agreed with me.  Normally this would be a profound reason to hit the hormonal ceiling but in this case it was nice that he agreed with me.  That’s when we decided to have EJ take a picture with Santa on her own.  This time she got a good look at him before she was placed on his lap and she did start to freak out a little but then she just suddenly stopped.   She graced us all with BIG grins and great pictures to choose from.  Thinking we would have to pay for another sitting fee we were discussing it with the “picture lady” and she offered to just put the picture on a CD for $10 more instead of charging us again.  This was very nice of her because she didn’t have to do that.  Christmas miracle number four and five.

This first Santa experience has been a wonderful one and I really wanted to share it with all of you.  I tell you what, it’s hard to believe that this man wasn’t Santa.  I think I’m starting to believe again.   Now I guess I need to start thinking about what to ask Santa for.  What would you ask him for if you could?

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