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Holiday contemplations and birds…

Lets see, ham is in the oven…dinner rolls are all set so they can rise and bake.  Not quite time to start making the stuffing or cleaning off the turkeys for Hubby to fry.  Hmm…ate breakfast…need to vacuum 10 pound layer of dog hair off the couches.  Don’t want furry guests.  Can’t do that till EJ wakes up.  Too early for her, only the wives of America are awake right now.  I wonder how many of us are sitting down with a few extra minutes before the chaos starts, feeling a little lost because we have so much to do, but since timing is everything when planning a big meal, we have nothing to do right this second?  It’s like sitting in a quiet abyss.  I’m drinking my hot tea looking AT the window watching my cat looking OUT the window and wondering if she is trying to figure out how to snatch one of the birds that keep migrating by.  Is she feeling restless or is she gearing up for her daily rest?  I’m tired.  I can feel the effects of yesterday weighing on me already.  I haven’t spent that much time on my feet cooking since last year on this date.  Cooking, cleaning, cooking….  In the last year I became pregnant so I had family around not letting me lift my fingers too much.  Then I had our little EJ and haven’t had the time to lift my fingers too much.  But suddenly I find myself here again in the oh so familiar quiet emptiness that is Thanksgiving morning.  I think I could go take a nap for a few minutes but yet I know I have pre-prep work I could do that would not necessarily make things easier.  But it would keep me busy.  Hmmm…OH WAIT!!!  Macy’s parade is starting!  I can turn on the TV, drown out the silence and watch that.  Dream about what it will be like for my daughter to watch it in a couple years when she can understand and enjoy it like I did when I was her age.  

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Irony at it’s finest!!  So while I was downstairs in the kitchen feeling sorry for myself because I have too much to do and too much time to do it in I started hearing this pitiful squealing sound coming from our upstairs loft.  Then I heard my cat scrambling back and forth and sliding across the wood floor.  More pitiful squealing.  I go investigate before what ever it is wakes up the baby.  As I’m staring up the stairs contemplating letting my cat just finish off what ever she’s attacking I see a shadow fly by the ceiling.  While I was airing my woes my cat was catching her Thanksgiving dinner.  When I go upstairs the bird is sitting on the window sill with my cat preparing to launch.  I shoo her off, well kinda, she’s behind me scowling at me because I just ruined said Thanksgiving dinner.   By now the bird is so tired that it is just sitting there watching me while I open the window right next to it and pull the screen out.  Mind you the bird is not 6 inches away from me.  Does it know that I’m trying to save it?  It’s weird that’s it’s not trying to escape from me either.  After I get the window open I have to wave my hands at the bird to get it to fly away.  And it does.  Cute little guy.   He really has something to be thankful for today.

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