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I Love Linoleum

One of the most interesting, and most annoying, things about marriage is how differently a  couple communicates.  Or shall I say miscommunicates.  My Dear Hubby and I had a little tiff today, like all normal couples do, over the stupidest topic, again, like all normal couples do.  Our subject of choice, how to load the dishwasher.     Told you it was stupid.  However, I have to start with how we landed at this juncture. 

 First, we took EJ to the doctor yesterday for her 6 month well baby check and her shots.  She was fine last night so we thought we were going to get out of the “I feel icky” screaming that she’s done in the past.   We were wrong.  She was saving it all up for today.  Running a little fever and a whole lot of cranky she was a very hard baby to cope with.   It’s a terribly stressful thing when you know your baby doesn’t feel good and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it.  But that wasn’t the only thing that made our day rough. Oh no, there’s more!

Since we are hosting Thanksgiving for our clan I needed to spend some time today getting things ready around the house.  I’ll be pre-cooking on Wednesday so today is cleaning day.  Mission one, mop floors.  Our entire downstairs floor plan is tile.  Beautiful  gray tile with a hint of brown.  It’s a really nice floor but with along with really nice tile comes really horrible grout.  Now I know why linoleum was invented.  All the look of tile and no grout.  I’ve been on a mission lately to get our grout cleaner.  EJ will be crawling soon and the idea of her wiggling around and touching these collection centers and breeding grounds  for every little creepy crawly, bacteria laden, gross little nastiness that you could imagine, makes me sweat.  So a scrubbin’ I went.  Dear Hubby had the cranky baby and I was cleaning the floor.  

I was half way done, and 2 hours and one blister later, I realized that if I didn’t stop to eat I would pass out so I took a break and had some lunch. Once done, and after I finished procrastinating, I persuaded myself to get back to work.  I was looking forward to checking out the now dry areas, that I worked so hard on, and I was expecting to see a nice clean floor.  What I saw was a floor that was covered in some weird dusty film.  When you ran your foot over an area it looked like I was dusting a layer off it.  WTF!?!?   

Up until about two months ago we had a house keeper/professional duster who came over every two weeks to help our household get back to a “normal” state, before we messed it up again.  She didn’t do things like laundry or dishes so it wasn’t as great as it sounds.  But it was a nice luxury to not have to clean my own toilets, I won’t deny.  Ana came with my husband.  When I met him she had already been working for him for a couple years.  I’m sure you’re wanting to throw rocks at me now but let me at least say this much.  While she was a really nice lady, and did a wonderful job on everything else, she sucked at keeping the floor and grout clean.  Ana, if you’re reading this please don’t hate me.  My shower always sparkled bright and you were the best at dog hair removal and that makes up for it all.  Anyways, she would swish the mop water around and that was it.  I never put much thought into it at the time because we never walk around downstairs without shoes on.  We also have little mutant dogs that make it even less bare foot friendly.  But now that we have a baby you know my mind went right to the idea that if my child even touches the floor with her big toe she’s going get the hee-b-gee-bee’s and I’ll be to blame for it.   

This is why I found myself scrubbing the tiles to no avail.  My question to Ana is, how could you ignore the directions on the bottle of tile floor cleaner that said “rinse with water” and the floor looked cleaner than when I scrubbed it with a brush, then a mop, rinsed it and then dried it with a towel?  HuH!!!  Ya!  I went above and beyond the call of duty and my floor should be cleaner then my kitchen counter and it turned out like crap!   UGG!

Ok, breathing…  Lets go back to what started this rehashing of a perfectly terrible day. With my frustrations flaring and Dear Hubbies ears bleeding from EJ crying so much we both finally snapped over the dishwasher and how to load it.  I’m not going to go into details about exactly what we were both saying.  That’s for our own ears, but I will say this, we both needed a good “snap out of it” slap.  

This is when I left him with a crying baby and ran an errand.  Better to flee for a little while and cool off and give him some time too.  On my way home we sent a couple messages to each other:


Hubby:  I’m sorry I said you were “_____”

Me:  Forgiven, I bought you a chicken.

Hubby:  You read my mind.


I won’t interpret what this meant.  Only Dear Hubby and I understand it and that is how it should be.  As I said at the beginning of this rant, couples can be very annoying in their communications with each other. Sometimes couples have a way of communicating that is on a whole different planet.  It’s when Mars and Venus finally combine and create a new world named Marven.  After I got home it was all love and roses again.  EJ suddenly started feeling better so all the demons that made our day kinda sucky crawled back under the rug.  Except for my tile floor.  That’s going to be a battle for a different day.  I just thought I would share with you a little of my awful day…I’m sorry, OUR awful day, and let you have a peek at the sweetness that came about in the end.


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