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Inspired by you

Today I had a giant increase in the number of people who have visited this website.  To all those who took time out of their busy day today to show your support in my efforts I THANK YOU!  When I started this blog I didn’t realize quite how much work it would entail.  First, getting the website up and running and designing it the way I wanted it took so much energy out of me. I thought my brain would explode at times.   I would spend hours and hours at night working or just reading about things I would need to do to make everything function the way I wanted it.  And you’d better believe I’m picky!  Anal might be a better word but I prefer detail oriented thank you very much.  Many nights dear hubby would roll over and ask me if was ever going to sleep and I couldn’t honestly give him an answer.  The funny and somehow inhuman part of all that was, while I wasn’t getting much sleep, I was still pumped up for the new day.  I was never dragging butt the next day praying for my daughter to take a longer nap.  I save that prayer for days when I can’t walk into my closet because I have too much laundry to do. My late nights never got in the way of my busy days.  I can only say that I think my body knew that I was doing something important and decided to help me out a little by requiring less sleep.  Is it possible that your body could do this for you?  Who knows?  All I know is I survived that part and so did my family.  EJ is still a well rounded baby ready to give me a smile when ever I need one.  Hubby is still as supportive as ever of this adventure of mine and isn’t, at least yet, cussing the mere mention of the word blog or website.  

The next challenge I faced was when I had the site all ready to start adding content. I discovered writing is the hardest part.  Duh!  Like I thought that part was going to be a breeze.  In the past when I would write in my journals it was hit and miss when I would have something to put on paper.  I’ve always known that the words flow out of me easily.  Ask anyone who’s been around me when I’ve had a glass or two or three of wine.  Yikes!  Even I know I don’t shut up then, but I can’t help it!! “I’m soooooo happy!  Who’s going to be happy with me?  Hey I know, lets all go play tennis in the dark and see if the balls glow.”   So I just assumed it would be the same for the blog.  Surprise to me!   There’s not enough wine in the world to keep the words flowing like that.  

 As I was preparing for the opening day of my website I was also writing things and storing them up for rainy days when I had nothing to say.  And I’ll admit I’ve used a couple of those.  I mean, come on, I’m a mom and moms don’t always have time to sit down and compose great literary works.  There for we cheat and paste pictures on our sites to take up a little space on the days that we don’t have much to say.   But yes, I made the rookie mistake.  I thought writing would be the easiest part because, when I have  the time and inspiration, I could sit down and write all day long. However, that’s not reality.  An example of a real situation in my life is,  I’ll be driving and reciting in my mind what I would like to write down.  That’s about the time EJ will start screaming from the back seat because I took a left turn instead of a right and she didn’t like it, and everything will scramble out of my head.  Hello, Good bye!  Just like that! Poof, gone!  Life just took a left turn with my car and now I have to tend to it.  The subject that I was just reciting in my head  is just gone.  Bummer.  It was probably a Pulitzer prize winner. 

I had to find a way to make it all work out.  That’s when I decided to draw back on the time when I was creating this site and learn from that experience.  So what is the secret to my success you might ask? (At least until life decides to turn left again)  I simply sit down at night after I’ve put EJ and the hubby to bed and I start to tap, tap, tap words onto my screen.  Sometimes they make sense and sometimes they just ramble on like me on vino.   But that’s the way my head works. And since this is a blog about my life and how I function, you my loyal reader will have to learn my moods and go with the flow.  Somedays I will have loads of exciting words to give you.  Words full of meaning and humor.  Words that you can’t help but giggle over.  Other days I’ll have you scratching your heads wondering what in the world made me go there?  That’s the fun of it.  How often have you had a friend or relative in your life that you wondered how their brain works?  What makes them think the way they do?  I can’t say I’m a great example of normal America but I can say I’m a great example of normal human.  One day I’m happy, one day I’m sad, and the next I’ll just be annoyed with something stupid someone did at the stoplight near my house.  And you get to hear about it all.  Aren’t you excited?  I know I am.  

So again, I’d like to thank all of you out there for taking time to read this everyday.   I don’t usually make promises because I’m afraid that the world will change around me and make it impossible to follow up, but in this case I’ll take a chance.  Keep reading and I’ll promise that I’ll keep writing.  The more excited I get about pleasing you the more I’ll be INSPIRED BY YOU.


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