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Oops! I have to share this. If you didn’t watch your local news tonight you may have missed another edition of Politician Falls Flat on Face.  Before I share this with you I must say first that I’m setting all political views aside.  This is not intended to be a debate on who should or shouldn’t have been elected.  I believe even the best candidate is always some how still a crook because politics in general doesn’t breed honesty. I also want to add that this election season my brain was ready to explode with all the political ads and I am still healing from the abuse of my retinas.  But I can’t let this one go.  

Gov. Palin made a BIG boo boo today.  She was conducting an interview on a turkey farm in Alaska where she was suppose to pardon a turkey.  But in the back ground of the video there was poor Tom getting his little head lopped off.   The Palin staff said that they asked the camera man to move the interview to a better location but their request was refused.  My question…why not refuse to give the interview if you knew there would be a killen’ goin’ on?  Wouldn’t that just make sense?  Her staff indicated that this was set up to be a publicity stunt, the pardon not the killen’) as all political interviews are.  Well, she got the publicity alright.  She’s slapped all over YouTube.  Here is the link to the video.  PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS WHEN WATCHING THIS!!!!  It’s a little graphic since it shows the turkey meeting it’s maker on it’s way to it’s baker. 

Gov. Palin and Tom the Turkey on YouTube

I’m particularly intrigued by the turkey executioner and how fascinated he is in watching Gov. Palin.  Was his interest planned or was he truly that amazed and fascinated by her?  I question this because of how the camera was set to have Gov. Palin and the poor turkeys in the same frame.  I smell a political staging gone right vs. publicity stunt gone wrong, but that’s just my opinion.  Let me hear yours.  Not about the politics but about the video.  Stunt or staged?


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