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Tennis, not just an obsession but a way of life!

From time to time you will hear me go on about the best sport in the world…tennis.  As many of you know, and many of you may not know, I am a tennis playing mama.  I love the sport.  I’m addicted to the sport.  I watch it on TV at night to fall asleep.  Fortunately, my dear hubby is as addicted as I am and doesn’t believe I’m crazy. (well at least not about the tennis thing) He’s gone so far now as to become a coach because he loves it too.  It was a life long dream of his and I’m really proud of him.  You can be sure I’ll brag more about that sometime.  Right now I simply want to warn everyone about my obsession so when you see the occasional entry where I’m tooting my own horn about a match that I won you will understand.  Tennis is the reason I don’t morph into a couch pillow shaped human.  It’s how I keep my sanity and keep from going berserk in line at the post office.  It’s certainly the reason I’m still married.  I know, you think I’m joking and just being dramatic.  But the only prerequisite in both of my husband’s and my lives when we met was that who ever we spent the rest of our lives with had to play tennis.   However, and this is something else I’ll toot my horn about sometimes, dear hubby will admit to falling in love with me for the chocolate pie I make him when he’s good.  Can’t forget that little juicy detail about my life.  

So toot I will already.  I beat this guy tonight with a whopping 6-1, 6-0.  The best part was when I got home dear hubby told me that he had given my opponent a lesson two weeks ago and thought he “hit a really good tennis ball”.  That makes me feel awesome since I beat him so painfully.  I rock!  I may not be able to walk upright tomorrow but I rock.


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