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Crazy pink socks

I’m obsessing about the cutest little socks in the world.  A friend of ours gave us an outfit for our daughter that is too big for her right now but the socks fit perfectly.  They are pink and brown where the brown parts look like little mary jane shoes made by Vitamins.  I had a baby shower that I was going to today, and after I got the socks washed, I decided that I would have her wear them to the shower so all the ladies can cluck and peck at her about how cute she is in her little pink mary jane socks.  Now I find that my other obsession, which is making sure that my daughter is adorable with out crossing the line into fu fu, is causing a problem with these perfect pink socks. Her wardrobe is seriously lacking in any pink dresses!!! Oh, crap!  I have pink shirts, pink pants, pink hats.  No pink dresses because that is just too fu fu.  I spent 20 minutes digging in her closet looking for something that would match her socks.  Meanwhile, my husband is looking at me like I’m nuts.  She’s laying on the changing table naked looking at me like I’m nuts. I’m digging through the closet cussing because I can’t find her anything to wear.   How many times have you dug through your own closets and changed clothes 10 different times and then felt like you were losing yourself into the craziness that is being a woman that we all claim we don’t do?  Is this how we learned this time honored tradition?  Did we learn it from our crazy mothers digging through our closets while we sat there naked and freezing while she looked for an outfit to match the perfect pink socks?  

Yep, losing it!!!

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