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Oh, Mommy! She’s started a blog!!!

This is my first attempt to write something brilliant and worthy of what my expectations are for my new blog site.  Will I succeed?  Probably not or maybe with some luck and a few cases of vodka it might.  But what the hay…. experience pays right?  This is where we all start laughing our butts off because we all know our wise experience only pays someone else higher up the food chain of life.  Anyways, before I lose my first readers into the world of negativity let me share a positive story.  I became interested in the blogging world while I was pregnant with my daughter.  As I sat there night after night not being able to sleep due to the gigantic girth that formally was my body and was now owned by this alien creature punching holes in my dignity along with my bladder, I started reading some of what are now my favorite blogs written by some pretty amazing women.  As soon as I figure out wether I can list a few of them on my site with out getting sued I will do that.  These women empowered me and gave me the humor to keep breathing.  Ok, so I’m being a bit dramatic.  I would have kept breathing because the alien wouldn’t have let me stop giving her the precious oxygen that helped her do her fun little cartwheels every hour on the hour.  Just like she wasn’t going to let me stop eating those awful, shiny, stinky red grapes that I used to love but now hate, but I’ll save that story for another time.  So while I sat there like the blooming whale I was I started reading how these women coped with their own groaning selfs.  I enjoyed their stories and their openness and it simply helped me see that there was light at the end of the gestational tunnel and one day I would see me feet again.

I’ve always felt I could write more than just he various e-mails and checks to pay credit cards.  All my life, ok just off and on, I would keep journals on my thoughts and observations about the strange reality of the world as I saw it.  Musings is the best way I can put it. Never really “dear diary”  type of entries.  I wasn’t writing to spill my guts.  Besides,  I never seemed to be able to keep these musings to myself and that probably wouldn’t have been very productive in my life if my friends and family learned how I really felt about them.   I always felt compelled to read what I wrote to someone to get their input on content and how it made them feel or react.  I would go back and read what I wrote and find myself slightly amused with my own style and I wanted to see what others thought.  I never kidded myself, I knew that there might be someone out there that would find it funny and a bunch who would either find it offensive or just dull.  I can handle offensive but dull and boring would be like death to me.  So I’ve experimented over the years and heard some great feedback.  Mostly negative from my family, but that’s what they are for right, and positive from those who are mostly strangers.  (Thanks to all the strangers I know in my life!) I would send out e-mails to groups of friends with a small story in it and hear back everything from a simple “we love your writing or you should do this for a living”. Got me thinking………

So here I sit, writing my first posting on my first blog.  Scary stuff.  My husband is excited about the idea which is just about the first time he’s gone ga ga over one of my ideas so that’s a nice change and a nice push to accomplish this.  Will my thoughts, ideas, and just general BS get absorbed the way I intend them to be or will they cause a stir? I hope they do both.  I have many plans for this site and if I get more than ten loyal readers I will feel like I’ve done something.  If not than I can look back on this experience and add it to the list of things that I almost did.  

If I had a martini right now I would raise my glass, and ask everyone else to do the same, and say a small toast to what is going to be an interesting enterprise to say the least.  


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